2022  Paper: Museum of the Mind, presentation for the Int.  Rotary Club, CZ


2021  Paper: Centre of Applied Jungian Studies  Art of Individuation

2021  Paper: Poetic Encounter   Surrey Sculpture Society UK  You Tube

2021  Paper:  Paddle your own Canoe  Freud Museum, London

2021  Paper: Art and Psychoanalytic Conference  Florence - postponed  

2021  Paper: Context, Content and Process   Harrow School Sculpture Society  


2020 Paper: The Muse in Contemporary Art  Host: Gazelli Art House


2019 Paper: Woman as Taboo, New York Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (NYPSI)

2019 Paper:  Woman as Taboo, Warburg Institute

2019 Paper: Freud’s Art & transgenerational impact, Revue Francaise de Psychanalysee

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2018 Freud's Medals, Screening: Dead or Alive: Workshop:Family Ties-Fort/Da, Institute of Expressive Analysis, NY, USA

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2016 Paper: Object Authority, Old Speach Room Gallery, Harrow School, London

2016 Paper: Mother Mould, Istanbul Psychoanalytice Association, Istanbul, Turkey


2015 Paper: Ellipse Illusion -from the crescent to the whole of the moon - Toronto Psychoanalytice Society 'Between Hours'

2015 Paper: Mother Mould Gazelli Art House, London


2014 Paper: Ill Fit, British Psychotherapy Foundation, London

2014 Paper: In the Mould of the Fathers         6th Int.Symposium of Psychoanalysis and Art


2013 Paper: Lucian's Last Legs Publication Symposium on Psychological Birth and Infant Deveopment, Pribor, Moravia Czech Rep.

2013 Paper: Saving Sigmund Essay for the Council for Assisting Accademic Refugees (Cara) auction catalogue


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Paper: Concept, Comprehension and Completion' - an artist's research journey, Symp. UNAM, Mexico City


2007 Paper
: Inside Out Plaster Casting Conference- Worcester College, Oxford University

2005 Paper 
Tokens or Treasure - an artists perspective, BAMS Conference




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2022 TV News, Osrava, CZ (at 21.13) Museum of the Mind

2021 Cas Radio Interview, Museum of the Mind, installation in Freud Birth House, Pribor, CZ

2021 Freud’s Legacy, Gorizia International History Festival, Venice, Italy

2020 Adjudicator, Burston Prize, Harrow School, London

2020 Performance Painting, exhibition support programme, Gazelli Art House

2020 Interview for Portugese TV series: Geniuses and Leaders: Roots and Fruits

2020 We Are They, zoom talk for the Opening: Gazelli Art House

2020 Audio Tour, Headstone Manor Museum, London

2019 Presentation for the New York Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (NYPSI)

2019 Immersive Performance Art Event, Freud Museum, London.

2019 The Push, The Pull, The Idea, 51st IPA Conference, London - panel discussion

2016 John Lyon School, judging for Postcard Exhibition Charity Event

2016 Art and Mourning, Freud Museum, London

2012 Presentation and talk, York Festival of Ideas

2012 Three Generations of Freud Family, Sex, Psychology and Art, 4th Chichester Art Lecture, Minerva Theatre, Chichester

2012 Panel Speaker: Origin of Originality, Navigating the Artistic Cannon - Battle of Ideas, Institute of Ideas, Barbican Centre

2012 Presentation at Hampstead School of Art

2012 National Portrait Gallery Tours for Park Lane Hotels Art Initiative

2012 In conversation with Estelle Lovatt, Family Matters exhibition, Gazelli Art House, Mayfair

2011 Honorary Presidential Lectures, Psycause, Pribor, Czech Republic

2011 Psycause Conference Chair, opening and closing speeches

2011 Speaker, Seminar on Sculpture led by Richard Wentworth, Paddington Studios

2011 APsaA (American Psychoanalytic Association) National Meeting: Screening, Q & A

2010 Conceptual Art, London Philosophy Group, ICA

2010 Freud’s Medals, Panel discussion, Centre for Jewish Culture, Krakow

2009 Q&A following film screening: Fine Art Dept. (under Prof. Wu Mali) Shifan University, Kaohsiung, South Taiwan

2009 Film screening followed by MediaTek Lecture, Long Ying-tai Cultural Foundation, Zhongshan Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

2008 Q&A following film screening: New York Psychoanalytic Institute, NY, USA

2008 Flim screening preview and participant in the roundtable "Is Freud Dead" at the Philoctetes Centre NY, NY, USA - VIDEOLINK

2008 Royal College of Art, Cross Currents #3, presentation on Visual Perception

2008 DVD 'Dead or Alive' film presentation at the Fourth International Symposium, Psychoanalysis and Art, Florence (preview on link)

2008 Moderator for the Fourth International Symposium, Psychoanalysis and Art, Florence

2008 Presentation at Waterstones book launch for Relative Relations

2007 Q&A following film screening: German Psychoanalytic Society, Berlin